B2B Content Creation for SMBs

Creating B2B Content for Your Small Business (SMB)

When your B2B marketing plan and content strategy are in place, the actual content creation phase can start. Research has shown that the content creation is seen as one of the biggest challenges for small businesses in marketing. It’s not just authors who suffer from ‘writers block’, entrepreneurs, consultants, business owners and actually complete organizations face this challenge. Creating content in itself is challenging, however, due to the rapidRead more

Thinking fast and slow

14 Ways to use emotions in B2B marketing

For a long time, B2B marketers assumed that business decisions were primarily based on rational motivations. Anticipation based on emotion was an exclusive territory for B2C marketers. However, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that emotion plays an important role in B2B as well. Emotion and rationale are two power fields that together — sometimes in agreement but sometimes in conflict — come to a decision. It’s not one or theRead more

B2B Content Marketing case

The History of B2B Content Marketing, way back in 1672

It’s often argued that content marketing has come to fruition in the past decade due to the rise of different technologies. The combination of the internet, mobile technology, cloud computing and social media has made it far easier for companies to communicate with their audience like publishers. But the success of content marketing is not due to the rise of internet technology. Its history goes way back, lets lookRead more