B2B Marketing Accelerator Program

Accelerate your marketing team with the tools you already use

Do you recognize one or more of these situations?

  • Sales needs more qualified leads
  • Marketing embraces innovation and is open to the ‘next level’
  • The ROI on marketing spend must be improved
  • You need a tactical marketing plan based on your company’s strategy
  • A marketer, freelancer or agency can get started with content creation & promotion
  • You already use WordPress, Mailchimp and / or Google Analytics
  • Your company has 10 to 100 employees and is focused on B2B

Then Manceppo can certainly help you with this accelerator program.

B2B Marketing Accelerator Program

Our B2B Marketing Accelerator Program focuses on improving online lead generation with your current team and based on the marketing tools that are already in place. These are the steps we take:

  • Draw up a tactical plan based on your company and strategy:
    • We start with an intake and moderated brainstorm to gain the right insights
    • We develop a custom plan with you, based on the buyer journey of your customers
    • In line with this, a content and media plan is drawn up
    • Read all about our approach here
  • Set up Mailchimp for lead nurturing
  • Transform your WordPress website into a lead generation machine
  • Enable you to recognize companies on your website with Google Analytics
  • Enrich leads via company information on LinkedIn
  • Set up up lead scoring based on behavior and demography
  • Feed your CRM system with qualified leads
  • Evaluate and optimize quarterly

Our program is carried out by highly experienced B2B marketing & sales professionals with extensive knowledge in the field of B2B content marketing. The accelerator program is aimed at accelerating your current team based on your existing technology. We can do this based on our extensive experience in combination with the Manceppo platform.

Duration and investment

We usually realize the first 6 steps of the accelerator program in 4 to 6 weeks. We then evaluate every quarter for the first year. The program involves an average effort of 50 hours by experienced Manceppo professionals.

  • Program costs € 3,995
  • 40 hours in the first 4 – 6 weeks
  • 10 hour quarterly follow-ups in the first year
  • Additional hours: € 95 per hour

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