Integrate marketing tools for Small Business


Your challenge

Small businesses can use a vast variety of great, cheap and easy to use marketing tools for their B2B marketing. Think of WordPress, Mailchimp, LinkedIn, Google Analytics and Pipedrive. Combining these tools to execute integrated campaigns based on consistent profile information is however a challenge. The growing landscape of tools therefor often results in a fragmented view on lead profiles and inconsistent lead nurturing.

Turning to a Marketing Automation solution to tackle this challenge can be expensive and implies a migration of the work you have already done in your existing tools.

Our solution

Manceppo is the “If This, Then That” solution for B2B marketers. We providing marketers a central data store for content and profiles from the marketing tools they love to use. Our smart workflows and user friendly interface empower marketers to build a low-cost marketing automation platform. Manceppo integrates with widely used marketing tools to enable you to build great customer journeys.


  • Cheaper than marketing automation
  • Easy to set-up, use the tools you already know
  • No migration needed, keep your data where it is

E-book: B2B Marketing Technology for Small Business