Manceppo is FREE up to 25 profiles
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Every Manceppo account offers the same functionality and is free for the first 25 profiles. You only start paying for usage as you grow your lead funnel.

Grow: €62,50 /mo

Grow your lead database

  • Everything in Foundation
  • Grow from 26 to 2.500 profiles
  • 2.501 - 10.000 profiles + €20/mo per 2.500
  • 10.001 - 20.000 profiles + €15/mo per 2.500
  • 20.001 to 30.000 profiles + €10/mo per 2.500
  • Above 30.001 profiles + €5/mo per 2.500

Partner: €275 /mo

Partner Marketing or Agency Account

  • Agency account to access sub-accounts
  • 5 sub-accounts, each with max 2.500 profiles
  • Additional accounts based on normal pricing

Getting started

Ready to discover Manceppo? We offer 3 options to get you going:

  • Do-It-Yourself: Set-up Manceppo youself using guidance from the Manceppo Academy.
  • Set-up Service: Let Manceppo help you get started
  • Marketing Agency: Work with one of our Partner Agencies

Set-up Service

Work together with a Manceppo marketing technology consultant to configure Manceppo and integrate the tools you already use. A typical Set-up Service includes:

  • Installation of the Manceppo Plugin on your WordPress website
  • Creation you your first forms for downloads, registrations, newsletters and contact
  • Connection to your Mailchimp account
  • Connection to your Google Analytics account with to recognize companies visiting your website
  • Creation of some first smart rules, for instance to trigger Customer Journeys in Mailchimp
  • Set-up of your first lead scoring rules
  • Connection to Pipedrive to hand-over sales ready leads to your sales team

The Set-Up Service results in a first configuration of Manceppo and will take 4 hours. Our consultants works with your marketer so he or she will be ‘trained on the job’. Need some more time of our ‘techies’? No problem!

Our set-up service is billed at 395 Euro (based on 4 hours).

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