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B2B marketing has changed for good. B2Bs need to think, act and communicate from the buyers perspective. With loose promises, swirling service descriptions and so-called unique selling points, the information hunger of business decision-makers can no longer be set. Those who wish to build a good relationship in an early stage of the buyer journey will have to focus on the buyer’s context. Transparency, knowledge sharing and authenticity have become conditions for success.

B2Bs are turning to blogs, social media, animations, webinars, e-books and white papers, hoping to generate qualified sales leads. But how can you set up an effective strategy? How do you attract, engage and convert your audience? And how can you effectively use marketing technology? Use the seven-step approach in this book as a guide to success.

  • Step 1: Modern Marketing Strategy
  • Step 2: Planning Modern Marketing
  • Step 3: Creating Highly Relevant Content
  • Step 4: Attract Your Audience
  • Step 5: Converting Leads
  • Step 6: Organizing Modern Marketing
  • Step 7: Modern Marketing Technology


Download our new book “Implementing B2B Content Marketing, a proven 7 step approach to success” for free. It’s normally $17,95 on Amazon!