Free e-Book: 7 Pillars of Modern Marketing

B2B companies need to reconsider their approach to marketing. Helping potential customers throughout the buyer journey has become key to succes. Are you offering relevant and appealing content via the right channels to the right audience?

This extensive e-book provides  a clear framework to organize and plan your B2B marketing in a modern way. Many books discuss the phenomenon of content marketing in general, this e-book however is specific for B2B marketers.  The presented approach is suitable for managing complex buying processes using a variety of content formats, marketing tools and conversion processes. 

As a guideline, this e-book places the fundamentals of B2B marketing center stage, delving deeper into the subject, backed up with background information and best practices.

  • Pillar 1: Modern Marketing Strategy
  • Pillar 2: Planning Modern Marketing
  • Pillar 3: Creating Highly Relevant Content
  • Pillar 4: Attract Your Audience
  • Pillar 5: Converting Leads
  • Pillar 6: Organizing Modern Marketing
  • Pillar 7: Modern Marketing Technology


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