How to use MailChimp as Marketing Automation Tool

How to Extend Your MailChimp Automation Triggers to WordPress

A Review of MailChimp as Marketing Automation Tool MailChimp is a great tool, and we love it at Manceppo. It’s easy to use and has solid functionality and a reliable deliverability. To get started with marketing automation, MailChimp offers a good beginning but, fundamentally, it’s focused on executing basic drip campaigns. Marketing automation and drip campaigns are not the same thing. A drip campaign is a set of marketingRead more

How to use automated workflows in MailChimp

This video from Naturalvita Tutorials & Cryptos shows you how to create an automated Mailchimp campaign (email series) in 2019 step by step for absolute beginners, and show you a few helpful tips that will make it easier to send email campaigns.