We’re currently building the Manceppo App! For WordPress, HubSpot and Eventbrite.


Do you want your own company app featuring your whitepapers, experts, blogs and events? Then connect your WordPress or HubSpot website to the Manceppo platform! From the Manceppo platform you can easily create your company app in IOS and Andriod. For smartphone and tablet. Featuring your content, call-to-actions, experts and events.

By launching a company app you will improve the usability and conversion rate for 55% of your subscribers opening emails on a mobile device. Users of your company app will use “intelligent links” directing them to content in the your app, depending on the device the link is opened on. For instance, when a newsletter link is opened on an iPad, a gateway page will be served to open the requested white paper directly in the App. Downloads will be registered back to HubSpot. When the user does not have the App installed, he or she will be invited to do so.

After downloading the visitor can continue browsing and downloading content. The App can be personalized by the user and downloaded content can be easily stored and shared.