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We are Manceppo. Manceppo is always busy with content, profiles and technology. To create great content experiences for your contacts. Manceppo is derived from the roman word “Manceps”, meaning buyer. Because that’s who we need to be relevant for. How can Manceppo help you to optimally use the contacts & content in your favorite marketing tools?

Ernst Nolte
Technology guy
Bob Oord
Marketing guy

“Why not use the functionality you get for nothing, and integrate them in an intelligent way?”

Kranz Communications


Contact us on any question regarding Manceppo. We’re here to help:

Manceppo BV
Nest Building
Laan van Kronenburg 14
1183 AS Amstelveen (Greater Amsterdam)
The Netherlands
Phone: +31(6)25060940

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Microsoft BizSpark Startup Program
Technology Cofounder & Partner