How to convert interest into leads


The return on modern marketing is rooted in the conversion from unknown vistor, to customer relationship. There are many stages in between however, such as subscribers, followers, leads and prospects. In order to properly measure the performance of the modern marketing process, it’s important to define KPI’s.

By steering according to KPI’s, you can improve the performance, for example, in the form of click and conversion ratios. Improvements can be made in the titles, user interface, alignment with the target audience, response to the device and the use of visuals.

Different types of conversion can be examined depending on the objectives, including;

  • Clicks, views and visits
  • Likes, fans and followers
  • Engagement ratios
  • Subscribers
  • Response and leads
  • Sales
  • Promoter
  • Churn

KPI's for Modern Marketing Management

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