Mailchimp triggers and lead scoring

Activate Customer Journeys in Mailchimp based on behavior on your WordPress website


Easily connect Mailchimp to Manceppo using an API-key from your Mailchimp account. All profile data, including tags, subscriptions, bounces, email opens and email clicks will by synchronized from Mailchimp to Manceppo.


Based on behavior and profile data from other connected tools, like WordPress, Google Analytics or Pipedrive you can add profiles as subscribers to a Mailchimp audience. Or enrich subscribers with a tag, which are great to trigger Customer Journeys in Mailchimp!

Lead scoring

Mailchimp uses a rating system to indicate the engagement of each subscriber. Integrating Mailchimp with Manceppo will enable you to implement true lead scoring. Using lead scoring you can identify hot leads based on opens & clicks, demographics and website behavior over time.