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Plug & play with your favorite marketing tools

Marketers benefit from an abundance of great and easy-to-use marketing tools, including WordPress, MailChimp, Google Analytics and LinkedIn. Combining apps into an integrated platform, however, is a challenge, and marketing automation is often too expensive for smaller companies. Manceppo delivers a cloud-based integration providing marketers with a central store for content and profiles. Our smart workflows empower marketers to build a low-cost marketing automation platform using their existing tools.


Turn your WordPress site into an inbound marketing machine. Generate and track leads.


Trigger workflows in your MailChimp account based on vistor behavior on your WordPress site.


Add download forms to your WordPress website to generate inbound leads based on call-to-actions.


Get a unified view of your profiles across your tools, including downloads, web visits and behavior in email.


Rate profiles based on characteristics and behavior such as website visits, email opens and downloads.


Use our powerful rules engine to trigger workflows in MailChimp based on visitor behavior on your WordPress site.