Our e-books on B2B Marketing

E-book: B2B Marketing Technology for Small Businesses

B2B marketers benefit from an abundance of marketing tools. Chiefmartec.com now counts a staggering 8,000 tools marketers can use, so how do you choose which ones to use? This e-book discusses the champions per category and how do you align and integrate these tools into an easy to use B2B marketing stack for small businesses.

E-book: Implementing B2B Content Marketing

How can you set up an effective B2B content marketing strategy? Learn how to define your true buyer persona’s, set up a killer content plan that converts and attract high potential leads. This comprehensive e-book provides you a proven seven-step approach to success.

E-book: The Seven B2B Marketing Agency Secrets

Great! You found it! Our secret manuscript on turning B2B marketing agencies into a success. In this e-book we will share a proven 4 step campaign process and 3 conditions for agency success based on years of agency experience. It’s a guideline on how to grow your agency and improve your operations.

E-book: The Ultimate Partner Marketing Model

Manceppo has developed a unique partner marketing model based on our 7-step approach to B2B content marketing. In partner marketing however each of the steps has two sides of the same coin, the vendor side and the partner side. Applying the model allows you to put the partner marketing puzzle together.