E-book: B2B Marketing Technology for Small Business

A complete guide to choose and integrate your 10 essential building blocks

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Today B2B marketers benefit from an abundance of great and easy-to-use marketing tools like WordPress, MailChimp, Pipedrive and LinkedIn. Chiefmartec.com now counts a staggering 8,000 tools marketers can use. And many of them are very accessible and cost next to nothing. So, how do you choose which ones to use as a small B2B business?

Choosing the right tools is your first challenge, and integration is the next. It doesn’t matter much to your customers and prospects whether they have had contact via social media, a webinar, an account manager or email. They assume that you know their contact history and remember who they are and what their question was. And they expect your next message to be relevant to them—at all times and through all channels. So, how do you combine and integrate the tools you use?

Many companies struggle to achieve a uniform customer view across all channels at a reasonable cost and in a reasonable manner.

So in this e-book we will discuss:

  • Part 1: the rich eco system of marketing tools B2B marketers can choose from
  • Part 2: address the data challenge that comes with using multiple tools

Think of the CRM system that you use in combination with email marketing and tracking data from your website. Is it wise to combine different systems? Should you turn to an expensive marketing automation solution? Or is there another approach?

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