B2B Content Marketing Strategy Template

Templates to manage B2B content marketing

Searching for templates to set-up and manage your B2B content marketing strategy? This set of templates, based on our book ‘Implementing B2B Content Marketing‘, helps you build an effective, lead-generating B2B content marketing strategy.

B2B Content Marketing Templates

Our step-by-step framework covers everything from thinking about your strategy to reporting on KPIs. It’s suitable for both beginners and experienced content marketers and offers something for everyone.

Manceppo’s seven-step B2B Content Marketing framework comes with these templates:

  • B2B Marketing Strategy Template
  • Buyer Journey & Persona Templates
  • Content Planning Template
  • Owned, Earned & Paid Media Template
  • Marketing KPI Template
  • Marketing Organization Template
  • Marketing Technology Template

Download this set of templates and use them in combination with our e-book ‘Implementing B2B Content Marketing’ to get started.

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