B2B Buyer Persona Template

Your buyer persona in a blink of an eye

In B2B content marketing buyer personas are often used to effectively target the right audience with relevant messaging. A B2B buyer persona is fictional person who embodies the characteristics of your best potential customers. The persona represents your typical customer.

Buyer personas are typically given a name and described with demographic details, interests, and personality. You’ll better understand their challenges, pain points, and motivations.

Components of our B2B Buyer Persona Template

Key components of a complete B2B buyer persona typically include:

  • B2B Buyer Persona TemplateA fictional name
  • Symbolic picture
  • Background
  • Trends & Challenges
  • Demographics
  • Objectives
  • Concerns
  • Media preferences
  • Preferred content formats & tone of voice
  • Personality archetypes

Download this B2B buyer persona template to formulate your key buyer personas.

B2B Buyer Journey Template

You can also download our B2B Buyer Journey template.

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