The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Stack

Manceppo Academy

With a Manceppo account you can start to build your custom small business B2B marketing stack, based on the tools you love. After you registered with Manceppo you can start by connecting Mailchimp and WordPress. With this combination you will be able to: build landing pages, track vistor behavior, trigger Mailchimp automations and add lead scores.

What is a B2B Marketing Stack?

A marketing stack can be defined as a cluster technologies or tools that B2B marketers leverage to automate and optimize their marketing activities. Often these marketing tools are used to make manual and or inefficient processes easier, and to measure the performance and ROI of B2B marketing activities.

Step 1: Connecting Manceppo to Mailchimp

By connecting Manceppo to MailChimp you will open up marketing automation functionality. The connection enables you to:

  • Add newsletter subscriptions to your WordPress call-to-action forms
  • Trigger Automation workflows in MailChimp based on behavior on WordPress
  • Sync MailChimp Audience data to build a 360 view of your contacts across your tools
  • Build a lead score based on activity in emails, on your website and across other tools

Read the full instruction on how to connect Mailchimp and Manceppo here.

Step 2: Connecting WordPress to Manceppo

By connecting Manceppo to WordPress you will open up marketing automation functionality. The connection enables you to:

  • Create landing pages with forms for downloads
  • Track visitor behavior across your website
  • Build a lead score based on behavior and profile criteria
  • Trigger email workflows in your MailChimp account based on downloads on WordPress website

Read the full instruction on how to connect WordPress and Manceppo here.

Step 3: Configure scoring rules

To determine the sales readiness of leads, Manceppo offers lead scoring functionality on both behavior and profile criteria. Lead scoring is a way to measure the likeliness of a commercial opportunity for a potential customer. The lead scoring features in Manceppo include:

  • Demographic (or explicit) scores based on specific profile characteristics that are generally available. Think of insight about buying authority, position or company size.
  • Activity (or implicit) scores based on lead behavior such as website visits, email opens and white paper downloads.
  • Multiple lead scores: when you sell multiple products or services, let’s say both CRM and ERP systems, Manceppo allows you to set up a lead score per product line or, even better, per area of interest.

To set up lead scores in Manceppo to MailChimp, just follow these 3 steps here.