Smart marketing automation with the tools you already have

For small & medium sized B2B companies

Supercharge marketing capabilities as small or medium sized B2B company

Your company uses some great and easy to use marketing tools like; WordPress, Mailchimp, Google Analytics and Pipedrive. But you are considering Marketing Automation to execute integrated marketing campaigns based on consistent profile information. The cost however seem high and you are dreading the migration.

Why not use the tools you already have in place and add some integration and intelligence? It’s possible with Manceppo, offering the following benefits:

  • No migration: Use the tools you already know and have in place
  • Easy to use: Straight forward features and usability
  • Save: Up to 90% compared to Marketing Automation

Manceppo integrates with the open APIs of the most popular marketing tools. Our smart workflows and user friendly interface empower marketers to build a low-cost marketing automation platform based on unified lead profiles.